Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tutup lubang webcam anda..

F:Tutup lubang webcam ko.
Aku : Kenapa?
F : Untuk keselamatan.
Aku : Ohh aku mmg dok tutup webcam aku ni dengan kertas dari dulu lagi.

Dari ape yg aku tau webcam pun boleh dihack tau.Macamana tu aku tak taulah.

How Can A Webcam Harm Me?
Suppose you gave your laptop to a repair shop for some purpose and it has a webcam built in it. Now you go and collect it from the shop after a few days. Now there can be two cases, either the repair boy you gave to is nice and he repairs and gives back to you the laptop, or he can do another thing, which is going to turn your life miserable from now on. 

What he can do is install some malicious code or some remote management tool. So now what happens is that when ever you get online he can virtually do all the things that you can do in your computer. Including turing on your camera and taking pictures of yours. Guess, what would happen if you kept it on during some private moments of yours.

Untuk keselamatan tu terutamanya girl kan.Please tampal sticker ke ape ke kat lubang webcam tu takpun mintak orang yg boleh dipercayai tu check laptop korang.

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