Saturday, June 19, 2010

saat2 indah berakhir

my last week LOL=((
bercuti dgn gumbira in 2 weeks
sleeps late at nite/wakes up till noon
heaven okeh=))
stay up till early morning to do blogwalking and watching football
ohhh i love holiday!!

me fully treated myself at shopping mall
watched super cool karate kid movie!!

eats and eats=P

oh yaa
for my customer TQ so much my dear

who's paying me this week will receive the scarfs next week ya!!
**no fussy buyer plzz**

okeh lets go back to my life story
starting 2/3 weeks ago i trained myself to buy more colorfull top/tshirt instead of black in color
pic google
i look more slimmer in black=PP
then i choose sweet purple!!
i love the color but i look bigger in it!!
thinking to let it go.

now on i need to slim back my body
so that i can wear whatever tops i want