Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wednesday comes!
ape je yg special sgt about today
not mine but my sis
today is a first day of SPM
this entry dedicated for her
(sometimes she reads my blog)

Wish U a Gudluck
::Do ur Best Dear::
---i pray for ur success----

it goes same to u readers
ur sisters/brothers,ur son/daughter or even ur self blogger
Wish u all the Best
SPm a.k.a''last-last day in school"
the joys,the experinces remain fresh in my mind
i cant forgot the first day i had to woke up at 4 am to attend the last class at 6 am!
memaksa diri okeh(maklum 1st paper add math)
once in ur life time bebeh!
im sure every single of u have a sweet memories during ur last day at school
so hows urs?????
good???not good??
or mybe some of u ade tips???
lets share with me=D
till then GudLuck!


--siLEnt_ 5iLh0ueEtte-- said...

adek eyes2eyes tgh SPM skrg~
-tp die selambe... jek.
-mcm xde pape (dak laki mmg cmtuh kot) uhu

delour said...

budak llaki mmg lg selamba n tenang dr gurl..i guess lh...muahahaha..