Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gUrL,LaDy,wOmeN aNd hEeLS

2 days wasting time to find a heels
penat letih tak mo lagi
this is i got after browsing some websites

low heels-we start here

less then 1 inch
to avoid pains this is the best choice!
There seems to be some natural balance: between those who crave for high heels before wearing them and those who adorn comfort after wearing them.

medium heels-for the undergraduates

1-2.5 inches
Medium heels are for those who crave to wear high heels but still lack that most wanted terrible balance.
Practicing on medium heels will surely pay you and it is one of the top tips that high heel experts give.
if you are naturally tall, don't ever compete with Everest: opt medium heels and get satisfied with them.

high heels=confidents

2.5 inches above
It's true that wearing high-heeled shoes give glamorous curvy feet.

But the answer doesn't end there.
Wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes makes a more sexy curve in the body.
When you wear them, the body above your hip bends naturally to balance itself, thereby creating a seductive curve.

the worse is cannot use it more than 3 hours
if so u will feel the pain=(

ladies n heels(ignore the guy)
all pix google

which one suite u??

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