Monday, April 27, 2009

oh! my sHaMpOOku

today is sunday!
sunday coming again babe..
thats mean,ive 2 days left to finish up my revision
ade exam loh this coming tuesday and wednesday
pray 4 me my fwens
so untk mghilangkan kebosanan di hari mggu
i hbskn my time kt blik air
mmbelai2 dri
tgah syok2 xtringat lak my shmpoo dh hbs
ive to buy a new one
actually ive been loyal to rejoice for 7 years
im using it since im in form 4
rmbut i yg kasar n rosak totally changes
yesterday my fwen bought pantene
i pn terpkr should i try a new shmpoo
since my shampoo dh hbs kn
i juz nk try out
if i cn get a better result than my rejoice
so i nk usya2.....herbal essence
loreal elseve

pantene pro-V
stakat nih yg my fwen suggest


~Eila Nur Kaseh~ said...

eila masih stay ngan sunsilk..dah try lain..tetap tak menjadi...rejoice-rambut keras..herbal cepat abis..sunsilk jugaa yg terbaik..hehe

mslvoe said...

sha dr dulu guna pantene je dear

Unknown said...

sunsilk i pnh try dlu tp xlmelh then i blik dgn my rejoice again..
thanks for the info dear=)

mrs lVoe
my fwen pn suggest pantene sis..