Monday, April 6, 2009

MiNi aNd CutE LiTtLe CacTuS

lets go back to nature..

some people have their own favorites or hobbies

in this entery i will share with all of u about

the mini & cute little cactus

im exactly not the 'hard die fan' of this little cactus

but sinces my roomate brings those mini cactus from cameron highland

i bcome adore to their beauty how do u take care of ur cactus plants?!?!

It is mainly do to the type of soil mixture you have. It should be about 80 to 90% sandy medium. It's best to have them in clay pots as clay pots let the roots breathe and wicks the moisture out keeping the roots from rotting. Plastic pots keep the soil wetter and the soil can't breathe. Water your plants sparingly about twice a month. Make sure it can drain and keep it in in a bright to sunny location.

after browsing through all the pictures i've been thinking why dun i made a mini garden for cactus?!?

p/s:all picture taken from image shack.

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