Monday, March 2, 2009

buli coming again!!

entry yg i nk wat kl ni is about BULI
skrg ni heboh kt news or tv about this case(even yg buli tu leh wat video n upload in youtube)
for me its a really serius cases and the ones who involved should be punish!
especially yg bw maut!
slalunye kes mcmni happened in boarding school(especially boys)
the senior yg jd pembuli and junior yg jd mangsa

but in some cases
senior buli senior n junior buli junior
till now i never watch the video thats involved the studnts from mukah school(yg heboh skrg)
tringin nk tgk but i thinks xssgup jer
who should we blame?!?!?
why they bullies others?!?


sometime dsbbkn misunderstand jer all this happened
for those students who is the victims
i beg u to tell your teachers,parents and even people thats you trust about your problems
do not ever zip up your mouth!!shout it out!!

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